Z Series Thinkpad with Widescreen and Fingerprint Reader

Flush from the success of their first convertible notebook release, the X41 Tablet PC, Lenovo have decided it’s time the Thinkpad joined the widescreen party. The Chinese corporation, who recently acquired IBM’s coveted Thinkpad brand in a billion dollar deal, will soon unveil a new range of wide screen notebooks for the delectation of the laptop buying public.

The Z series Thinkpads will feature the usual quality tech we got used to from IBM – biometric finger print readers, motion sensors etc. They will also utilize a new magnesium alloy frame or “roll cage”, that should make the laptops more rugged, helping to protect delicate internal components from damage if dropped.

Ruggedized notebooks used to be the staple of those working in dangerous enviroments such as fire officers, and cops, but the Panasonic toughbook elite proved that it wasn’t just Dirty Harry interested in tough tech.

Lenovo, currently the globe’s 3rd largest PC company, are hoping features such as magnesium roll cages, and widescreen displays, will blast Z series Thinkpads to the toppermost of the poppermost.

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By Todd Gold

Wednesday, September 14, 2005