Windows 7 LE On the Way (maybe), Netbooks Pleased

Posted 6 days, 5 hours ago by Daniel Shain in Microsoft Laptops

The Windows 7 beta was intially released weeks ago to great fanfare. Benchmarking tests have been coming out with regularity. Now however, reports are surfacing that Microsoft is sending out emails in search of beta testers running a computer with netbook-esque specifications. Could a less expensive, dumbed down 7 be next?

Requests have apparently been sent out to testers in Chile, Egypt, Lebanon, Brazil, Jordan and India. Microsoft is looking for machines that fit the following specs as well:

  • 1GHz processor
  • 1GB system memory
  • 16GB disk space
  • Support for DX9
  • DVD-R/W drive
  • Access to the internet

A note received firsthand by a tester read as follows: “You are invited to join a beta trial for a specialized version of Windows 7. Your geographic location may make you a good candidate for this providing feedback on this specialized version of Windows 7. You will still have access to the Windows 7 Ultimate SKU, in addition you will be able to test this additional SKU.”

Microsoft is officially saying the new SKU will not be limited to netbooks, but we guess they’re thinking of it like Intel is thinking of Atom, which technically isn’t limited to netbooks either. Either way, looks like MS might be splitting up 7 owners into the new “specialized version” owners and “ultimate” owners. Oh well… it’ll still be an improvement over Vista as long as they keep the number of versions below 4.