Wi-Fi Certified: Wireless Tech Very Popular, Says Survey

Approximately 65 percent of people say that Wi-Fi technology helps them to better stay in touch with friends, according to a new study from the Wi-Fi Alliance. Another 68 percent say that the wireless networking technology helps them be more productive at home, while 61 percent of people in the survey say that Wi-Fi frees up more spare time.

In other words, according to the Wi-Fi Alliance, Wireless technology is the best thing since the Commodore 64. People find it convenient for shopping and banking at home. They find it a useful tool to meet new friends, and a way to have more time on the side with their hubbies, wives, and other loved ones.

Plus, the technology does as advertised-it allows you to access the Internet via a hotspot, minus the hassle of a cord. About 74 percent of the survey’s responders said just that-that Wi-Fi allows them to work with a notebook in bed, outside, and of course, in front of the TV. Anywhere but in the office. Plus, 70 percent of folks said that they would more than likely bring their laptop on trips if they knew that their airport, hotel, taxi, etc., would have wireless Internet access.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is an international nonprofit business organization that spends its time and money pushing for more wireless Local Area Networks, as well as testing wireless devices. Its work is paying off. The Merriam-Webster New Collegiate Dictionary just added the word “Wi-Fi” to its pages. And a majority of people (60 percent in the survey) said they lean toward buying a product based on the fact that it has “Wi-Fi Certified” stamped on it. That term means that the device has passed Wi-Fi Alliance testing.

The survey included about 1,000 Americans from all rungs of the socio-economic ladder. It was conducted from November 28 to December 1, 2005. Let’s hope Wi-Phishing doesn’t undermine the wireless revolution.

More info at – Wi-fi.org

By Matthew Brodsky – Laptopical

Wednesday, January 11, 2006