More Than Just a SideShow – The Asus W5Fe

Every once in a while here at Laptopical, we come across a laptop that gets us drooling like Homer Simpson after a donut:

“Uggggggg, laptopssssssssss.”

Today, it’s the Asus W5Fe getting our salivary glands going. Asus is known for putting out high-end innovative stuff, and they may have busted even their learning curve with their latest addition to market. The W5Fe might appear like any other high-powered 12.1-incher, except for a strange and enticing display and controls on its lip: the SideShow.

The SideShow on the W5Fe is a 2.8 inch LCD screen backed by its own operating system. That means you can use the SideShow screen-to check your calendar, scan your e-mail, track down an address in your phone book-without having to boot up the main laptop OS. You can listen to music through the SideShow, or play Solitaire during a boring conference lecture.

With 1GB of flash memory, the SideShow can also be used to save e-mails, text files, or even music and picture files-all while your notebook lid is closed and the computer is supposedly shut down.

Asus gives credit for the SideShow capability to the Windows Vista Home Premium operating system, sold standard on the W5Fe. It doesn’t hurt that that the W5Fe comes with your pick of Intel Core 2 Duo Processors, from the T7600 to the T5500.

The Asus W5Fe comes as well with many of the features that business users can no longer do without, such as Bluetooth capabilities, a high-res webcam for conference calling back to headquarters, a card and express card reader, and a high-shine display for DVDs on those long business flights around the globe.

“Uggggggg, laptopssssssssss.”

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By Matthew Brodsky – Laptopical

Monday, February 05, 2007