A Manly Mobile Model? – The Asus W3J

Asus has released a bigger, more dude-friendly laptop in its new W3J. This guy comes with a 14-inch display and an ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics chipset. That adds nearly an extra pound (0.4 kg), compared to Asus’ more petite and dainty W5J. But that pound brings with it an extra two inches of display, and men like it bigger and better.

And whereas the W5J had a white chassis, the new W3J is metallic gray and silver. Them’s man colors. There are lots of blue lights on the laptop, too, to illuminate indicators for power, hard disk usage, Wi-Fi activity, and to highlight the Asus W3J’s power button. They’ll remind any man of the blacklight he used to have in his college dorm room, the one he’d turn on when inviting the chicks over for a romantic night of PBR pounders, Led Zeppelin, and Dorito chips.

But you know what dudes like as much as size and college chicks? Speed, man. And the W3J doesn’t let down in this all-important testosterone category. It’s got Intel Duo core processors as its engine, with two 512 MB DDR2 for turbo boosts.

Add that to the 256 dedicated MB of memory for the ample X1600 graphics cards (which can tap out at 512 MB if needs be), and you have a laptop that can show you a good time late night when you’re gaming in the privacy of your own home.

And just for the ladies, in case any of you are still out there reading this, the Asus notebook has staying power too. It lasted 2.75 hours on its 4-cell battery, but could reach 4 hours of performance with its optional 8-cell battery. And it’s got a big brain-100 GB of standard hard drive. That’s sure to please for about $2,200 (1,209 pounds). If you’re interested in learning more about this sterling Asus, the folks at Trusted Reviews.com examine the W3J in a lot more detail:

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By Henrik Stigell – Laptopical

Sunday, July 09, 2006