VIA Nano To Ship Two Hundred Thousand Chips In Q

VIA will be producing between 150,000 and 200,000 U225 Nano chipsets for shipment this quarter. Fully 100% of those are slated for the new Samsung NC20.

The Nano U225 has a lower clock speed than its main competitor, the Atom N270/N280, at a.3GHz versus 1.6GHz/1.66GHz. However, the FSB (front side bus) is considerably faster on the Nano, with a speed of 1333MHz as compared to 533MHz/667MHz. Watt for watt, the Nano is expected to be more powerful than the Atom, but it is also expected to use more watts in the process. We can’t be sure to what degree, but the usual trade-off of battery life for performance will probably come into play here.

The only computer currently slated to use the new chip is Samsung’s new _ 12″ NC20 netbook. If this chip is successful with the NC20 though, expect to see it in other places soon. Even if it doesn’t make it around here, there are always eastern markets, where we hear VIA is also planning to market their chip.