Vertex Series SSDs from OCZ Almost Actually Affordable

Posted 3 days, by Daniel Shain

A lot of people are gambling on SSDs being the HDDs of the future, counting on their higher performance and convenient lack of moving parts to win out in the end. The technology is still new enough that the cost is more of less prohibitive to consumers, but the Vertex SSDs are the first to bring costs down to where you would probably at least think about it.

Now, many of you might already own laptops with SSDs in them, but we’re willing to bet 90% of you have SSDs that are 32GB or smaller. That’s because until recently, getting SSDs with higher capacities could cost a thousand or, if you want three digits, many thousands of dollars. OCZ’s Vertex SSDs come in 30GB/60GB/120GB/250GB varieties, and cost only $129/#249/$469/$869 respectively. That’s still a far cry above what you would pay for even a 1TB 7200RPM HDD, so the dollars-per-GB ratio still lies heavily in favor of HDDs. However if you were already thinking of shelling out for SSDs, but were turned off that you couldn’t get more than a handful of GB for your entire week’s paycheck, this may be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. Via dailytech ยด