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“On the Road Again” – CarGo Mount

“On the Road Again” could sum up the lives of musicians, salespeople, government workers, or freelance writers with nowhere else to go. Luckily, now they all don’t have to suffer the country song blues anymore. They could use the laptop vehicle mount or CarGo Desk. Anybody who uses their laptops in their cars-and there are more of us than you think-could save themselves major lap burn and neck cramps with this portable desk. What’s even more appealing for slobs like yours truly is that the designer of the CarGo Desk, Bright Idea Group, has also made sure that there are multiple storage compartments in this vehicle mount.

That means maximum organizational power. Think of it as the anti-Pandora’s box. When you open the CarGo Desk, all of your slop problems will go away inside. Multiple surfaces fold out from the CarGo Desk’s main rectangular boxy frame. Separate holders fold out for your cell phone. The whole thing is big enough to fit in your passenger seat-held in by the seatbelt-and light enough to be easily transported (starting at 13.7 pounds).

There are multiple models to choose from, starting with the CarGo Desk Basic all the way to the top-of-the-line CarGo Desk Road King. The first one starts at about $149.95, while the Road King is more than twice as much at $329.95.

The Basic notebook model comes with a lockable storage component and another storage area that doubles as a file cabinet. The surface of the vehicle mount is coated with a gripping surface, which is not quite unlike the grip paper on skateboards, although much less abrasive. It’ll touch your hands, after all, and not the soles of your sneaks. There are also attachable holders for cells, PDAs, GPS systems, and other small devices.

The Road King laptop vehicle mount takes it to another level. It comes with trolley wheels for even easier transport. The power inverter will keep your battery juiced up for however long you’re on the road. This sucker can even hold a printer and a fax machine. To keep this monster in place, you need the included “aircraft-grade” cables and lock.

Sing it, Willie. I don’t mind so much anymore. More info at

By Matthew Brodsky – Laptopical

Friday, July 28, 2006