File Transfer with USB Data Gadget

With Valentines Day just around the corner our thoughts turn to sharing more time with our precious loved ones – That’s right our laptops 🙂

We do live in a connected age, there is little doubt about that. With only a humble network card installed I’m writing this from my laptop in the middle of a wireless coffee shop with the full features of the internet and e-mail at my disposal, while enjoying a warming Soya Latte and listening to the latest Joe Jackson album over head. Certainly a pleasant change from the office.

So with all this Wi-Fi connectivity, quite literally, flying through the air, why do people still insist on using small USB flash drives to transfer their important data from laptop to PC and vice versa? These not only wear out the shoe leather to get data from one place to another, but they are getting increasingly tiny, and easy to misplace.

If you need to regularly transfer data from one laptop to another then a home or office network is the ideal answer, but let’s face it, it’s a tricky task for almost everyone out there, and although every subsequent version of Windows make’s it easier, it’s never going to be easy for noobs.

What to do then? Well obviously the boys at have had a similar thought and have come up with the “USB Data Transfer Device”. Now this isn’t exactly the snappiest name for a product that I’ve ever heard, and true it will win no style awards, but what this little baby can do is just the ticket.

Take one USB cable from the device insert it into a PC or Laptop, take the other USB Cable and plug it into another PC and bingo, like love and marriage the two computers are as one. Instantly a nifty little pop up appears, and you can transfer files from one PC to another to your hearts content.

Of course this box of tricks is USB 2.0 for zippy transfers of 25mb per second, and its cables stretch to 4 feet. When you’re not using these cables they fit snugly back into the roughly 4 inch square box.

Oh and I almost forgot there is a calming blue indicator light that will blink to let you know all is well with the file transfer.

All in all, if you want to share data between your PCs and laptops then you can’t go wrong with this great little piece of kit. And the price I hear you ask? A wallet friendly $49.99. More about the “USB Data Transfer Device” at

By Ian Bandy – Laptopical

Wednesday, February 08, 2006