Two New MSI Netbooks Hit the Scene

MSI is introducing the MSI Wind U110 and U115 netbooks in addition to the U120 already scheduled.

MSI is really working hard to release new models. The MSI Wind U120 was already scheduled to appear at CES 2009, and recently MSI displayed two new netbooks at an event it hosted.

The MSI U115 has an interesting hybrid twist for storage, coming in combo SSD/HDD options. You can either get 8GB/80GB, 16GB/120GB, or 32GB/160GB configurations. The idea is that you store your OS on the SSD and your other data on the larger HDD. The MSI Wind U110 only comes with the standard HDD option. Both netbooks will be sporting Intel Atom processors and 10″ displays.

Not yet sure what it costs, but you can look at pictures on the French website Netbook3g.