Touch Me Now! EEE PC T91 and T101H

Just as we expected, Asus expanded its EEE PC line with several convertible touch-screen laptops at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Asus showed off several new interesting items at CES and, of which the new netbooks attracted most of our attention on the first day.

We still have no info on price, but considering the features, these new tablets will probably fall out of the traditional netbook price range. One of the new tablets we looked at was the T91; a lovely little gadget with the premium (priced) Atom Z520 CPU, optional GPS and TV-tuners, and of course a foldable touchscreen. The touch panel is 8.9 inches and comes with LED backlight as we’ve been spoiled with on our netbooks nowadays. It weighs in at 990g (just over 2 lbs).

If you prefer 10-inch tablet netbooks, you’ll be happy to hear that Asus also announced another model; the EEE PC T101H with more or less the same feature in a slightly larger chassis and a more comfortable 10-inch screen.