Toshiba Laptop Reviews & News

From the cute and ultraportable Libretto to the hunky multimedia Qosmio, Toshiba manufacture a wide variety of laptops. Founded in 1875, Toshiba is currently one of Japan’s most respected electronics companies, but their success is certainly not confined to the shores of the rising sun. Indeed, their PCs are also popular with European and American buyers. Are you looking for a desktop replacement, or a core 2 duo gaming machine? There should be something suitable amongst the myriad of Libretto, Portege, Qosmio, Tecra and Satellite notebooks.

OpenSolaris OS Now Pre-Loaded On Toshiba Laptops

Sun’s flagship operating system, OpenSolaris, will be available in the US starting in early 2009. The OS will be pre-configured and optimised for select Toshiba models. Read More

Toshiba Releases Ultra-Light 1.76lb Portege R600

Toshiba has recently released the Portégé R600, a super-lightweight laptop at a super-heavyweight price. Read More

Toshiba Launches Qosmio X305-Q708 Gaming Laptop

The new Qosmio X305-Q708 from Toshiba is 17″, features Intel’s quad-core processor, two video cards, a “fiery” Fusion finish and a hefty price tag. Read More

Latest Refresh of Toshiba’s Terca Laptops Arrive

Today Toshiba released the Terca M10 and A10, the successors to the Terca M9 and A9. Read More

The Toshiba Qosmio F45: Stirring HD Fever

Qosmios are a series of high end desktop replacements. The F45 isn’t the most cutting edge of the line, but it does offer a choice of Intel core 2 duo microprocessors, a 15.4″ widescreen display, a HDMI port and a HD-DVD ROM drive. Read More

Toshiba Satellite A105 TopsPoll

What better way to start the weekend than perusing a thrilling top 10 best notebook list? Ok I can think of about 3000 more exciting ones off the top of my head, and none of them include laptops. However as Laptopical is a news portal about portable PC pals, and not innovative weekend break ideas, this sterling article from Todd Gold will have to suffice. Read More

Multimedia Toshiba Notebook: SatelliteA105-S4014

There are better multimedia laptops on the market than the A105-S4014, Apple\’s Macbook Pro, Sony\’s AR series of Vaios, and Toshiba\’s own Qosmio brand are all superior machines. However this Toshiba laptop is competitively priced, and I can definitely vouch for my Satellite P10, which despite having a very noisy cooling fan, has performed admirably for 3 years. Read More

The Toshiba QosmioG35-AV600

Just in time to exploit FIFA World Cup fever, Toshiba have released what could be the multimedia mothership. Now you can watch the exploits of Ronaldinho and Rooney, and witness Peter Crouch’s robot dance goal celebration on the G35-AV600’s gorgeous wide-screen. Read More

The RoHs Revolution

It’s common knowledge that PCs are chock full of toxic nasties such as cadmium, lead, and mercury. From the 1st of july 2006, the EU will be placing a ban on the European market on new hardware containing more than agreed levels of these hazardous substances. “Where can I buy an EU compliant laptop!”, I hear our loyal U.S readers cry. Luckily Wal-Mart has partnered up with Toshiba to offer the affordable Satellite A55-S1064. Read More

Affordable Desktop Replacement – Toshiba SatelliteM65-S809

This Satellite laptop from Toshiba doesn’t boast the bells and whistles of a cutting edge core duo gaming machine. However, it certainly ticks all the right boxes for those looking for an affordable desktop replacement equipped with a competitive processor, and wi-fi connectivity. Read More

Laptimus Prime? – Toshiba’s Red Transformer

Dubbed Laptimus Prime by Todd Gold, Toshiba’s eye catching red transformer is an all in one multimedia entertainment centre, featuring a 17 inch flat screen display, detachable keyboard, and removable remote control. Read More

Toshiba Twin Tecras – RoHS Compliant

Toshiba have recently exhibited the Tecra M3 and S3, the first laptop computers ever to fully comply with europe’s strict environmental RoHS regulations. Read More

Review – Toshiba Portege S100

Here’s a stylish offering from Toshiba, that blends the portability of an ultralight, with the performance of a desktop replacement. Please welcome the Portege S100. Read More

Review of the Qosmio G20 From Toshiba

Sci-fi masterminds, from devious Davros, to the melon headed Mekon, both lacked one vital tech tool, to bring their galactical conquest aspirations to fruition – a Toshiba Qosmio G20 notebook computer. Read More

Toshiba’s Libretto U100 – Return of the Mini Laptop

Tipping the scales at a miniscule 2.2 pounds, the Libretto U100 is as small as a kneeling ant, yet it’s 1.20GHz Intel Pentium M processor packs a powerful one inch punch. An option for those looking for a wireless laptop with ultimate portability, the Libretto U100 is equipped with a 60 GB hard drive, 7.2 inch high resolution widescreen, and plenty of battery stamina, almost 4 hours in fact. Read More

When Tablet PC Met Notebook: The Toshiba DetachableDisplay

Toshiba have just revealed a prototype handheld device that combines the power of a laptop, with the features of a tablet PC. The prototype is a 12.1-inch TFT LCD display with XGA resolution. Users are able to interact with the detachable display with a stylus. Read More

Toshiba Qosmio F15-AV201 – For All Seasons?

Audio visual (AV) series laptops are currently flying off the shelves in PC stores world-wide. So we thought we’d take a look at one of the latest Toshiba laptops from the Qosmio line, the F15-AV201. Read More

Toshiba Jumps on Sonoma bandwagon with new M45 and Tecra A3

Intel has caused a stir with the unveiling of its latest Centrino Mobile Technology, the so-called Sonoma chipset. Several PC makers, such as Dell and IBM, have jumped at the chance to package the Sonoma technology in new models. Now Toshiba joins the fray, introducing its Tecra A3 and Satellite M45 laptops in January 2005. Read More

Toshiba Heads to Hangzhou?

Toshiba Corporation, the world’s third largest PC maker, is moving its production equipment to China. Read More

Toshiba Laptops – Blu Ray or HD-DVD?

Seems like there are two runners in DVD race, Blue Ray and HD-DVD. The big corps are gearing up to battle this out in a few months with the intimate causality being the consumer, as ever, but now Toshiba have thrown their hat in the ring, and plumped for HD-DVD to back. Read More

By Henrik Stigell