Tom Brady’s Munificent Smile Beams Out Over OLPC XO

Posted Tuesday, November 18, 2008 by Daniel Shain

We know what Tom’s doing with his time off – supporting the OLPC Give 1, Get 1 project.

If giving a child in need a laptop for educational purposes isn’t quite glamourous enough for you, then how about knowing that every time you do so, it makes Tom Brady smile? If you missed out when we reported it yesterday, more information about One Laptop Per Child’s Give 1 Get 1 Program can be found here. We’re just glad to see Tom is making good use of his rehabilitation time. Not to make any enemies here, but as a fervent Pats fan, I can’t resist the desire to express hope that this good deed will generate enough positive karma for Brady that he can play in 2009. Don’t hate, people, we’re talking karma here. Thanks to laptopmag for reporting this, and even including a video. ยด