Slashdot writer mourns sudden passing of IBM Thinkpad T20

Poor old Cliff over at had a shock the other day. Looking to make a few dollars by selling his laptop on ebay, he left his trusty Thinkpad T20 connected to the AC Power then put the notebook into hibernate mode. Now the laptop is like an old bear snuggling up in it’s cave during winter, he can’t get the T20 to come out of hibernation. Until he does he won’t be able to auction off the slumbering notebook on ebay.

Cliff says – “… wary of putting your Thinkpad into a hibernate/sleep state and leaving it connected to AC power. A cursory web search has revealed a smattering of threads detailing the illness. First it won’t come out of hibernation and then it simply won’t boot at all. Has anyone else run into this problem with their Thinkpad laptop?….”

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By Lucy Layman – Laptopical