Security in Mind – Devon IT’s Safebook

Security conscious IT departments may fall in love the SafeBook. This thin laptop is like disappearing ink. Data can be accessed and applications can be tapped by the people in your organization who are meant to do the accessing and the tapping, but if the SafeBook gets into the wrong hands, that confidential data vanishes without so much as a byte getting stolen or lost.

The SafeBook works because it has no hard drive and no proprietary programs saved on a hard drive. It is run, for all intents and purposes, remotely by servers back at the office, which the SafeBook accesses through wireless, Ethernet, or broadband.

Of course, laptops can’t be run by server alone, so the SafeBook comes with a VIA C7-M 1.5G processor, as well as a socket for a memory module, for RAM from 128 to 1024 MB.

Its operating system is the Windows XPe, and it is free from risk of viruses, spyware, and hijacks. So it basically runs like a regular Windows-based system, but without risk of Windows security plagues.

So you can hand if off to your outdoor sales force or your midlevel managers, and send them off running to the airport without fear, IT geeks. And run they can. SafeBooks only measure 1.1 inches high by 9.7 inches wide and 11.1 inches deep. And they only weigh about 4 pounds.

Sure for 4 pounds, you only can expect a 12.1 inch display, but there’s a D-sub connector for an external monitor (as well as jacks for an external speaker and microphone). But for 4 pounds and so little to sap the power, you can also expect up to 6 hours of battery life from this notebook. Budget and security conscious IT geeks, you can now relax. Currently these machines are available for $799 each. More information at

Thursday, October 12, 2006