Take A Look Inside – MacBook Pro 13″

Posted by Daniel Shain


Come along with us and peer into the guts of the new MacBook Pro 13″ as only the boys at ifixit can do.

Apple recently introduced a 13″ variation into its MacBook Pro line and from the outside, it looks much like its 15 and 17 inch cousins. But how about from the inside? Not trusting ourselves with a warranty-voiding screwdriver, we decided to leave things to the ifixit crew to do our investigating for us.

If you’re not much for reading – first of all, they have lots of pictures. But if that still can’t convince you to click the link, we’ll just tell you things are pretty much the same. You have FireWire now and an SD slot, and the battery is just as not-officially-but-it’s-really-just-a-few-screws replaceable.