The VAIO SZ1VP: Sony Surpasses Itself

As if Sony doesn’t already dominate enough of the competition in the electronics and digital device world, now it’s got to go and start dominating itself. Yes, to those of you who were fans of the old Sony VAIO S Series, as well as the lineup of powerful, ultra-mobile VAIO T Series, enter the new VAIO VGN-SZ1VP.

Backstage and forgotten goes the old S Series, and if the Ts don’t watch it, them too. That’s how much of a step up the new S Series could be.

It starts with the looks. At less than 4 pounds, the new VAIO comes in a lithe aluminum and carbon fiber shell. By its thinness, you’d think Sony skimped on the screen. But no, Sony has the techno know-how to build a backlit LED display with X-Black coating. It’s widescreen to boot. Still, the SZ1VP isn’t as compact as its T Series brethren. The new S series is 13.3 inches, so those of us who see ultra-mobile wireless laptops as more calculator than computer, then the new S series is definitely for you.

But size isn’t everything. Can the new VAIO compete where it’s most important-on the inside? No worries. The SZ1VP has good looks and substance. It features the Intel Core Duo T2500 chip, which en toto gives the VAIO 4 GHz of computing power between the dual processors. Then there’s two graphics processors too-both an nVidia chipset and an Intel integrated graphics. That way, the Intel can handle your Windows load and manage battery life, while the nVidia can allow you to “multitask” with some hardcore 3-D gaming.

And all of this is anchored by 120 GB of hard drive and 1 GB of 533MHz DDR2 memory. Thw SZ1VP definitely has the laptop legs to finish the race. Take that, old S Series. And you, too, T Series :)

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By Matthew Brodsky – Laptopical

Monday, 17 April, 2006