Sony Vaio Laptop Reviews & News

Vaios combine high-end audio/video tech with exclusive software, making them ideal for recording music, photo editing, and all round multimedia use. They are invariably fast machines boasting cutting edge performance and stylish build quality. Sony are not renowned for releasing cheap laptops, but rather for pushing the boundaries of multimedia technology. Many of their new offerings boast fingerprint sensors and core duo processors, and all share the inimitable Vaio logo.

Sony VAIO G1

Available in a choice of white, brown, or silver, Sony’s Vaio NR has some stylish design touches but offers an entry level price and specs. Read More

Limited Edition Laptop? – Sony’s Vaio X505

Posted Wednesday, May 14, 2008 by Todd Gold

Just in time for the premiere of “Casino Royale”, Sony have revealed the limited edition James Bond Spy Gear laptop. This ultraportable TX Vaio sports an Intel core solo processor, and an 80GB hard drive – more than enough space to keep criminal profiles on Blofeld, Goldfinger and Miss Moneypenny’s phone number. Read More

Sleek Meets Geek: VGN-N130G Sony VAIO NSeries

Posted Wednesday, May 14, 2008 by Matthew Brodsky

Your average Joe Soap couldn’t give a monkey’s uncle whether his laptop is black, white or gray. However, some fashion conscious buyers would prefer their PC to match the color of their Dukewood writing desk. If you’re one of these, make a note in your diary for the new VGN-N130G Sony Vaio hitting stores in october. Read More

Blu-Ray Anyone? – Sony VAIOAR190G

Posted Wednesday, May 14, 2008 by

Anyone old enough to remember the VHS – Betamax fiasco of the early 80s? It seems like history is repeating itself in the high-def Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD race of the 21st century. The VAIO AR190G is the first multimedia laptop to boast Blu-Ray, a technology able to store 5 times more data than the humble DVD. Read More

The VAIO SZ1VP: Sony SurpassesItself

Posted Wednesday, May 14, 2008 by Matthew Brodsky

Here’s a stylish ultraportable notebook from the chaps and chapettes at Sony. This VAIO sports a powerful dual core processor, widescreen display with X-Black coating, and 120 GB of hard drive capacity. Read More

Ultraportable Sony Notebook – Vaio TX2

Posted Wednesday, May 14, 2008 by Matthew Brodsky

We adore ultraportables here at Laptopical, and it seems Sony have pulled out a juicy ultralight plum from the PC pie, with the unveiling of the Vaio TX2 series. It will probably begin shipping at the end of february, and has an impressive battery life of 7+ hours. Read More

Sony’s VAIO VGN-A790 – DesktopReplacement

Posted Wednesday, May 14, 2008 by Matthew Brodsky

The Sony A790 is a powerful multimedia laptop with a 17 inch widescreen display. Features include a 100GB hard drive, 2 GHz Centrino processor, 1 GB of memory, and an ATI accelerator, not to mention an ATI Radeon X600 graphics card and 256 MB of dedicated video memory. Read More

Sony’s New VAIO AX

Posted Wednesday, May 14, 2008 by Matthew Brodsky

Looking for a business class notebook with a host of multimedia features and security tighter than a Scotsman’s wallet? The Vaio AX will be released before Christmas, and will boast an integrated mega pixel camera, tv tuner, 17 inch widescreen display, and a useful fingerprint reader. Read More

Business Minded? – Sony VAIO BX

Posted Wednesday, May 14, 2008 by Matthew Brodsky

Sony have decided to release a new line of business Vaios with enhanced biometric security features. The BX series also features integrated WAN antennas, enabling wireless connectivity from Cingular EDGE hotspots. Read More

Multimedia Competence – Sony Vaio A690

Posted Wednesday, May 14, 2008 by Todd Gold

The Vaio VGN-A690 Vaio is a desktop replacement that John Wayne would have loved. Tipping the scales at a hunky 8 and a half pounds, it isn’t built for cutting edge mobility. However if the Duke was still alive, he’d probably be too busy backing up his VHS movie collection to DVD, to ever consider leaving the ranch. Read More