Custom Gaming From Savrow

SavRow custom gaming notebooks are an old-money kind of luxury. No kidding, in a few years, these laptops could be priceless collector’s items. SavRow is far from a cookie-cutter PC, as far as a Rolls is from a Honda. This new kid on the ultra-hip laptop block relishes its role as the computer manufacturer that cares the most about putting out a unique and astonishing product to please its high-end customer base.

After all, PC Pro Designer recently awarded SavRow because the company shows love to its special customers, in the form of excellent customer support. But the manufacturer gets props, too, because its custom gaming laptops are that good. Each one must “earn” its SavRow label, and afterward, each receives its own SavRow Number and its designer’s signature.

“Designer?” you ask. “What am I buying, a dress or a notebook?”

Well, consider that SavRow builds its product out of the most supple leather and gleaming chrome, and you can then understand that no engineer envisioned these things. Just take the paint alone-the new SavRoyal Extreme paint jobs on some custom built models change color depending on what angle you view from. Colors glimmer from a bling-bling gold to a Corvette red. You can only find this effect in one other place: on the bodies of the upper crust of sports cars. So you need to have art, not algebra, in your genes to make one of these laptops.

And like fancy sports cars, SavRow custom gaming laptops are made in limited batches. There are only 100 R-70 Monzas, for instance, a high-horsepower notebook with cutting-edge Centrino and Sonoma mobile chipset technology. They are hand-built with ATI Mobility X700 graphics card with 256MB dedicated to the best gaming and graphics experience around. And to finish off with a flare, each notebook comes with its own unique racing-stripe paint job.

For even more graphics getup, there is the SavRow Blade B-75. Again, you’re looking at the best in mobile processing, with the ATI Mobility Radeon X700 graphics card, or the GeForce Go 7800 GTX. Pick your poison. The X-black 17-inch screen is sure to transfix your eyes. And the double 120GB hard disk option is sure to capture every and all files and documents that you may need to store.

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By Matthew Brodsky – Laptopical

Monday, December 19, 2005