SanDisk Secure USB Drive Now Available For Macs

SanDisk has released a Cruzer Enterprise USB drive which is as secure as it is compatable with OS X – which is to say, completely.

SanDisk is calling it “the first secure USB flash drive to fully support Apple Mac OS X computers,” and they claim it is compatible with both 10.4 (Tiger) and 10.5 (Leopard). For some technical jargon straight from the lion’s mouth, the drive meets USB security and compliance needs through a “hardware-based 256-bit AES USB encryption solution that puts mandatory access control on all files as protection against theft of loss of the drive.” Sounds secure to us.

Other features include the ability to log in and shut down access to the encrypted areas, manage password settings, launch online support, and set a number of other preferences. The drive is available for both Windows and Mac and will be sold in 1/2/4/8GB formats. The price will be between $60-$300.