Samsung To Start Mass Producing 256GB SSD

Posted Thursday, November 20, 2008 by Daniel Shain

The latest and greatest entry into the 256GB SSD market, the new Samsung SSDs are faster and (hopefully) cheaper than their competitors.

The new drives clock in with a read speed of 220MB/s and a write speed of 200MB/s, which is considerably faster than a standard 7200RPM HDD as well as the existing 256GB SSDs currently on the market. The drive will be used in laptops, where no SSD of that size has even ventured before. According to Jim Elliott, vice president of memory marketing at Samsung Semiconductor, using the drive “is analogous to having a 15,000RPM drive, without its size, noise, power, and heating drawbacks.” Sounds good to us. It also uses less power (1.1 watts) than equivilent HDDs, and weighs no more (81 geams) than other 128GB SSDs. SSDs are still much more expensive than HDDs, but with the mass production of this item we’re hopeful that prices might begin to come down. ยด