Samsung Makes Smallest DRAM Ever

Samsung has developed the technology to create power efficient and highly productive DRAM at the 40 nanometer level. That’s really, really small.

Fresh on the heels of their 50nm 8GB success, Samsung has hit another benchmark by producing the highest quality 40nm DRAM to date. They promise it will deliver 60% more productivity and waste less energy than the 50nm chips currently in use. Thinner ships allow devices to operate at cooler temperatures, often using less voltage in the process.

The chip has already been certified to use with the Intel GM45 series Express mobile chipsets. The chip itself is a 1GB component and is configurable in 1GB 800Mbps DDR small outline DRAM memory for laptops. Samsung says a 40nm 2GB DDR3 version is in the works, and due to be mass produced by the end of the year.