Interlink’s VP6600: Remote Control

Them were the days when you actually had to get your rump roast off the couch and turn the dial on the actual television to switch the channel you were watching. Then came the remote control, and the rump roasts have been getting wider ever since. Next came the laptop, though, and professionals, students, housewives, and entrepreneurs all had reasons to get back off the couch, get vibrant, and get busy with their mobile computers – burning off the pounds as they bore the laptop on their shoulder in a satchel.

But then came Interlink Electronics with its laptop remote control. The “leading innovator of intuitive interface design” out of Camarillo, California, has devised this contraption that can allow you to play your music MP3s, DVDs, run a photo slideshow, or operate a PowerPoint all from as far as 30 feet away. All you need is a Windows XP OS. Then it’ll do the rest, operating with most media apps, from Windows Media Center to iTunes, RealPlayer to Dell Media Experience.

Interlink’s VP6600 connects to your laptop via Bluetooth-it won’t work without it-and can park overnight in the ExpressCard slot for recharging and safekeeping. The charge can last typically up to a week, and only takes less than two hours to replenish.

All this in a package that weighs about an ounce and costs $49.95. Just when people started getting some exercise carrying their laptops from coffee shop to café, Interlink Electronics comes out with a laptop remote control (ExpressCard VP6600) that will send the people back to their couches. Gone will be the spandex from my gym, replaced with baggy sweatpants. No more bikinis at the beach-at least none that I want to see.

You’re not making any sense, you tell me? I’m going off the deep end? Eh…..I’d have to agree with you. This laptop remote control is pretty darn cool. And you do have to get up off the couch to plug it into the ExpressCard slot to recharge.

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By Matthew Brodsky – Laptopical

Friday, September 15, 2006