Redesigned Vostro Laptops from Dell

Dell has released two brand new Vostro laptops, and another one is on the way. Both new laptops, with the imaginative names 1310 and 1510, seem to offer a lot of bang for your buck, but the 13″ Vostro 1310 is undoubtedly the most interesting model.

Dell recently announced its revamped Vostro line of cost-efficient “small-business” laptops.  The Vostro 1310 and the Vostro 1510 is a pair of 13.3″ and 15.4″ laptops respectively that are thinner, lighter, and slightly less ugly compared to their predecessors. The new models are also a bit more powerful thanks to new 45nm Intel Penryn processors.

Dell’s initial Vostro models were hailed as a nice low-cost alternative for small businesses, and judging from what we’ve seen so far, the new models ought to become equally popular. The most eye-catching of the two new models has to be the 13.3″ ultra-portable Vostro 1310. At first glance, the Vostro 1310 bears some resemblance to the more expensive XPS M1330 – if you just look at the specs, that is.

It sports a slot-loading optical drive, an optional discrete 8400M GS video card from NVIDIA, and even capacitive media buttons. Of course, that does not factor in build quality and overall design, but that’s probably less of an issue for business users on a budget. And what it lacks in terms of clever design is compensated with a very attractive price tag.

If price, performance and portability are equally important, the Vostro 1310 could definitely be worth considering.