Ultraportable – Fujitsu Lifebook Q2010

I’m an ultralight fanboy, so you can bet I was foaming at the mouth when I heard that the Lifebook Q2010 would soon be shipping at stores. Weighing only 1kg (2.2 pounds) this ultraportable notebook is equipped with a 12.1 inch screen, 1 GB of RAM, a 60 GB Ultra ATA 100 hard drive, and a solo core processor. Granted this 1.20 GHz processor is not as powerful as a blazing dual core, however the heat output of the Intel solo is so low that a cooling fan is not required. That translates into a smaller form factor and a lighter, portable notebook for Joe Soaps like you and me.

Despite it’s ultra thin profile, rest assured, this puppy doesn’t look like it just fell off the discount shelf at “PlasticBuck” – indeed the build quality of this notebook is outstanding, we’re talking a magnesium chassis, titanium hinges and a classy piano lacquer finish.

With a laptop as attractive and as small as the Lifebook Q2010, thieves will be desperate to get their sweaty palms on it. Put it this way, the Q2010 will definitely be easier to swipe while your back is turned checking out the blueberry muffin selection at Starbucks, than a hefty 14 pound desktop replacement. Fujitsu have built in a useful TPM chip and fingerprint reader, but if you decide to purchase this Lifebook, you may want to sign up for a laptop security solution such as Lojack or Wi-Fi Tracker. If a thief does swipe your laptop you have an excellent chance of tracking him/her down with one of these security solutions.

The Q2010’s operating system is Windows XP Professional and integrated Bluetooth v2.0 is also present. Also this Lifebook is one of the first laptops in the world to boast an integrated dual digital array microphone. Bolt on the complimentary noise suppression-echo cancellation software that comes with the Q2010, and you’re looking at a laptop that may be perfect for VOIP.

Nobody wants to lug a heavy desktop replacement through the crowds at airport security, especially during the summer months. When you consider the features that Fujitsu have thoughtfully packed into a beautiful yet tiny profile of 19.9 millimeters, you know this Lifebook is going to be a hit with frequent flyer business travelers.

By Todd Gold – Laptopical

Monday, May 22, 2006