Psystar Counter Sues Apple Over Open Computer

Aside from some nifty hacks, running Leopard has meant purchasing a Mac. Psystar hopes to reverse that.

Psystar, full of ambition and a poor understanding of the law, decided to up and make an ‘open’ computer that can run, amongst other things, OS X. Nicknamed the ‘Hackintosh’ and officially dubbed the ‘Open Computer’, Psystar has continued to sell this computer despite a lawsuit from Apple.

In spite of the lawsuit, Psystar not only kept selling the machine, but filed a counter-suit against Apple.

The suit filed by Psystar claims that Apple is engaging in ‘anticompetitive restrain of trade’ business practices, and will use two federal laws to back up their claim, the Sherman Antitrust Act and the Clayton Antitrust Act.

Psystar’s lawyers claim that Apple’s copyright infringement claims are ‘misinformed and mischaracterized’, and that the Open Computer is shipped with a fully licensed and unmodified copy of OS X.

Psystar plans to continue making their Open Computer, Open Computer Pro, and Mac servers. The company is also working on a mobile device which sounds like it may be a netbook of some sort.

Written by Blair Mathis on Tuesday, August 26, 2008