Psystar At It Again, Drops Anti-Trust, Adds Copyright Abuse

Psystar is still dueling with Apple, although it looks more and more like a Lilliputian throwing stones at Gulliver by the day. This time they have dropped their freshly refuted anti-trust claims and are trying to get Apple on regular old copyright abuse.

Well, they’re certainly giving it the old college try, old boy. Psystar is claiming that Apple’s end-user license agreement (EULA) is being used by Apple to give it control over hardware rather than just the OSX software, which is an alleged misuse of copyright. They say there’s nothing wrong with simply making computers which are compatible with OS X, and that Apple is wrong for having the gall to suggest their copyright implies otherwise. Psystar is a little crazy – they’ve been continuing to produce their clones since their cry conspiracy and stir up their whole legal team. Even the thought of those guys all focused on one job is enough to intimidate the likes of us, and we imagine it won’t be long before this latest attempt to fillibuster is dismissed like the others. Of course, won’t be long is a technical term, and who knows how the court system will intrepret it. Depending on how quickly the wheels turn, this drama may play out for months yet. Via appleinsider, and engadget‘s got a link to the pdf of the counterclaim if you’re a law student in need of a laugh. ยด