Gaming With PistolMouse

Don’t send that letter to Santa just yet. Your list is going to need revision after you find out that MonsterGecko is cutting the price of its gaming PistolMouse FPS in half, from $39.95 to $19.95.

No doubt, you’ll need the PistolMouse if you are addicted to laptop games that put you in first-person kill or be killed situations, whether it’s to smash zombies, trash trolls and otherwise maneuver face-first out of harm’s way in a virtual world. Doom, Battlefield, Quake, Warcraft – they’ll all be different ballgames once you get the PistolMouse.

The PistolMouse is a specially designed mouse just for such games-with its 800 dpi high performance, fast-response rate, precision optical tracking, and ergonomic design. It’s also compatible with all platforms-Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

What these fancy PR descriptions mean in the real world is a gaming mouse that’s designed more like a pistol, complete with primary and secondary aluminum triggers for trigger-happy notebook gamers. The vertical pistol shape also makes gaming for hours and hours-which addicts are apt to do-more comfortable than the typical flat mouse.

The PistolMouse’s scroll wheel is oversized for easy reach and play, and is designed to be so for both lefties and righties. The handgrips are just right. And the optical sensor is designed so you can use wrist motions to get quick responses in the game, instead of having to move your whole hand. Basically, the PistolMouse gives you the chance to control up to four functions with your one hand.

Isn’t this what a joystick or a game pad is for? Of ye of little faith, expect a coal in your stocking for such doubts. Joysticks generally require users to throw their whole hand into a motion, slowing down their gaming and making their actions less accurate. Game pads are even worse, because they’re typically not high resolution. They only allow simple up/down and left/right movements. Four directions are hardly accurate enough to game to your full potential.

In both North America and Europe, the PistolMouse is available online at, and/or licenses resellers. So check your holiday present wish list, twice, to make sure you have the PistolMouse on it.

By Matthew Brodsky – Laptopical

Thursday, December 15, 2005