Lifebook P1500 – Mini Tablet PC from Fujitsu

Fujitsu recently unveiled the MHV2160BT, a 2.5 inch 160GB hard drive – Undoubtedly big news for portable computing. Now we hear of smaller but no less important news from Fujitsu. The global communications/information technology company have created what they believe to be the lightest pen-enabled convertible laptop on the mobile block – the Lifebook P1500.

This mini tablet PC weighs only 2.2 pounds, and is around the size of a DVD case, enabling it to fit easily on a plane’s table tray for movie watching, or slide conveniently into a doctor’s white coat. Indeed a medical professional would find the P1500 useful for taking notes from a patient using the pen stylus, and 8.9 inch swiveling SVGA LCD touchscreen. Later the Lifebook could be connected to the ward’s main work-station to transfer the patient’s data.

The Lifebook P1500 may be small, but it’s no weakling. Powered by Pentium M – Sonoma -Processor from Intel, and boasting 1 GB of system memory, excellent wi-fi connectivity and data transfer rates, up to 7 hours of battery life, and a 60GB shock-mounted hard drive. This notebook won’t allow sand to be kicked in it’s face.

With a laptop as ultraportable as the Lifebook P1500, security is sometimes a concern. Sure the light weight, and svelte form factor make it extremely compact, but thieves would also like to take advantage of the Lifebook’s portable qualities. Thankfully the P1500 is equipped with an extra layer of laptop security in the form of a biometric fingerprint reader, allowing you to thwart unauthorised access to confidential data.

As well as the ability to transform from Tablet PC mode to a laptop, the LifeBook P1500 can also be converted into a desktop PC. When you tire of the p1500’s ultralight capability, hook the Lifebook up to the optional docking station, and enjoy the convenience of a desktop PC with full sized keyboard, and 19 inch monitor.

We predict the mini P1500 will be a big seller for Fujitsu. Engineers, medical professionals, lab workers, and road warriors, should enjoy this Lifebooks’s ultraportability, long battery life, and tablet versatility.

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By Todd Gold

Thursday, August 25, 2005