Old MacBook Envious of the New One? Transform It

Axiotron’s Modservice transforms old MacBooks into ModBooks. Axiotron is now taking orders for this service directly from their website.

If you have an Intel Core 2 Duo plastic MacBook and are looking to shake things up, the Modservice could be just the thing. Or if you were already considering a ModBook, then the good news for you is that Axiotron will now take your order directly from their website to get you nice and modded as soon as possible.

The Modservice is the only way to make your MacBook run as a tablet, so whether you wanted to shake things up or not, if you need a tablet this is the way to go. Axiotron has constructed a network of certified “Axiotron Authorized Service Providers,” and these Providers keep the mod kits in stock. After you place an order on Axiotron’s website, these same providers call you back to arrange an time to transform your MacBook.

The service begins at a cost of $1299. Unfortunately, newer aluminum MacBooks are not eligible for the modification.