nVidia Launches GeForce 9400M Integrated Graphics Chip

The new GeForce 9400M integrated graphics chips for laptops has been officially launched, claiming vast improvement over the Intel Centrino 2.

The nVidia GeForce 9400M is the latest integrated graphics chip for notebooks and is already present in the newest MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops. According to nVidia, the 9400M “delivers up to 5x faster graphics performance than Intel Centrino 2.”

The chip is touted as a “single chip, high performance, highly integrated design that is ideal for notebooks… [featuring] 16 parallel processing cores that deliver a whopping 54 GFLOPs of processing power.” nVidia claims the new chip is “the most powerful integrated GPU on the market today.”

This chip is currently only available in the MacBook and MacBook Pro, but is expected to be introduced into multiple notebook lines in the coming months.