NVidia CEO Slams Netbooks, Gains Membership To Intel’s Country Club

NVidia cofounder, president and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang recently sat down for an interview with the folks at laptop magazine. No, he didn’t mention when Ion would be released, but at least he took the time to join the group of industry leaders publicly bashing netbooks.

“I think that so far, what a netbook is, is a low-cost PC that doesn’t work that well.”

“[the netbook] doesn’t run modern applications. It doesn’t run anything well” from EA, Adobe or MS

These are comments Mr. Huang gave during his interview. In what appears to be a growing trend, industry leaders continue to bash netbooks while more and more other experts and commentators gather information to take up its defense. Of course, just like it would help Intel and Microsoft if people started buying more high-margin ultraportables, Huang would probably like it if people assumed that all netbooks without the new Ion platform were all junk. Oh, by the way, he also claims AMD’s Neo platform will “destroy” Intel’s Atom processor/integrated graphics solution.

As the battle for netbook PR continues, one thing seems to be steady, and that’s sales. Netbooks appear to be here to stay, and the new technology coming out for them, including Ion, will hopefully make using them a more and more friendly experience.