Laptop Computer Extends Educational Lifeline to a Child in Need

Regardless of age, ethnicity and IQ, children are fascinated by computers and love to play games, but what if we could utilize this playtime passion for a good cause?

In the case of Estera, a 6 year old Polish girl with Down Syndrome, computer curiosity has brought educational success.

Learning with a Pentium 100MHz laptop computer.

A photograph of Estera Lorenc, a 6 year old Polish girl with Down Syndrome, living in Warsaw.

Estera’s early life was fraught with difficulty. She was born with Down Syndrome, and also diagnosed with a devastating congenital defect called choanal atresia – The lack of a connection between the nose and the mouth. Because of this problem Estera underwent 8 painful surgeries before she was 4 years old.

Thankfully the operations were a success, but this brave little girl still requires more surgery and regular speech therapy. Laptops will need to play a major role in her educational future.

Estera’s first notebook was an old Pentium 100MHz with no sound card, however the laptop’s touchpad was an exciting challenge, that Estera tackled with inborn curiosity.

Success! Touchpad mastery in just two days!

In the following days, Estera improved her co-ordination skills to unexpected levels. Being able to solve simple tasks, she became even more excited.

Happily surprised, Pawel and Eva Lorenc (Estera’s parents) decided that the time has come to move to a more advanced PC. This time Estera became the delighted owner of a laptop equipped with a TFT screen and a Pentium II 233MHz processor (with sound card).

Adam Bloom once said that – “…..Education is the movement from darkness to light……”, and truly this technological upgrade was like a light illuminating the darkness.

In just a few weeks Estera moved from solving simple tasks to more complicated problems that included, recognizing colors, shapes, sounds and counting. The startling progress Estera made in such a short time was an inspiration to all fortunate enough to witness.

Today, however, Estera has a new problem that needs to be solved. Being 6 years old now she still can’t speak, and day by day this communication problem casts a shadow over her friendship with other children.

Pawel and Eva have managed to find speech therapy software that could help their daughter to develop communication skills, however modern, sophisticated programs are a way too big challenge for her old Pentium II.

Estera needs a Pentium III or Pentium 4 notebook capable of running this speech software. Are there any companies out there who would like to help this little girl by donating a laptop?

You can contact us at laptopical, or email Estera’s parents Eva and Pawel using the following email address: lorencfamily(at) – or the one embedded in the picture at the top of the page.

“…..No one has yet fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child…..true education should be to unlock that treasure……” – Emma Goldman