Dreams of Riding A Lawnmower Over Your Laptop? Put It In Print!

How many times have you broken out in a cold sweat, realizing that, despite everything you’ve tried, your laptop is irreparably damaged? Or how about that recurring dream in which you take aim with a sleek .38 Special and blow your laptop’s feeble 6GB hard drive into thousands of tiny bytes?

OK, we’ve all hit rock bottom when it comes to laptop woes. It makes us wild, irrational…and we have no place to put that kind of particular anger.

Until now. LAPTOP Magazine has been chosen to co-sponsor a search with NotebookReview.com to find the best “laptop hard luck story” out there. The Top 5 stories will be posted on the site, and their writers will receive a free, one-year subscription to LAPTOP magazine, along with a free T-shirt.

Here’s the deal: Just sit down and write about the absolute worst card your laptop has dealt you — from going wireless for a week, making friends (or enemies) at tech support; receiving a hands-down lemon of a machine you ordered (no refunds) online; or, the time you were poised to hit “send” on that long-term report and ended up drenching your keyboard with your celebratory beverage of choice instead.

You get the picture. Now, you may actually get rewarded for whatever has made life miserable for you because of your laptop. The contest ends at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 17. Any extensions or earlier deadlines will be announced 24 hours in advance, so get out your poison pen now and write! Also, while there’s no page limit, try to keep it short for NotebookReview.com’s sure-to-be-weary readers.

Winners will be contacted within seven days after the contest ends, and the best articles will be posted on NotebookReview.com’s website — pending your approval, of course.

Update! – Competition now closed.

By Catherine Van Herrin – Laptopical

Tuesday, March 08, 2005