Dell XPS Fights Crime in Eden, NC

Bring on the Dukes of Hazzard! In Eden, NC, a Dell XPS laptop computer is lending a helping gigabyte or two to handle crime for the city. The small Eden Police Department recently sunk $4,000 into the purchase of a Dell XPS laptop due to the rapidly accelerating cybercrimes in the city.

Knowing you can’t fight crime without deciphering the criminal’s M.O., Sgt. Greg Light, Capt. Danny Gillespie and his team decided to fight fire with fire: The Dell XPS is now deftly expediting a backlog of cybercrime assaults in the city and its neighboring areas.

Both officers are trained to use the software to identify and track cybercrime specifically, and plans are in motion to make all police staffers adept at nabbing every hacker in the city and beyond.

Before Dell’s arrival, hard drives were physically picked up by officers and then sent to the Greensboro, NC, SBI offices to track and solve the problems.

But a new day has come: Now, with the simple click or two of a mouse and a few swift keystrokes, the officers have their investigations — and potential felons — literally at their fingertips.

And, because cybercrimes are on the rise, don’t think for a minute this scenario won’t become a reality in your own city — if Eden, NC, can pull this off, you better believe the word’s going to spread — and if you don’t, be prepared to see a virtual Boss Hogg pop up on your computer screen.

By Catherine Van Herrin

Monday, February 28, 2005