The Tulip E-Go: Are Diamonds a Laptop’s Best Friend?

Ladies, the first personalized lifestyle laptop is coming, and it has you written all over it. The Tulip E-Go offers freedom from staid, sterile notebook design. With personalized, interchangeable covers, one E-Go is unlike any other.

For instance, with the E-Go leather laptop, you are able to pick fashionable “bags” to cover the plain plastic casing and mouse. These bags stand out with images of tulips, roses, abstract patterns, animal prints, and other haute design.

For the truly luxurious, there is the E-Go Diamond notebook. Co-designed by Marcel van Galen, these have more bling than bytes. They feature solid palladium white gold plates with thousands of microscopic diamonds (total weight: 80 carats) and square-cut rubies in the two Tulip logos.

Tulip is banking that consumers will pay top Euro (283,000) for this premium design but understands that E-Go will not survive on looks alone. The laptop offers a high-end hardware package, as well, with a 100GB hard drive, 1024MB memory, and an AMD Turion 64 Processor. The screen is a bit meager at 12.1 inches, but it’s a widescreen with WXGA resolution and a backlight inverter.

In the mobile department, E-Go packs a ATI Radeon Xpress 200 chipset, Bluetooth capabilities, and 802.11abg wireless LAN. All ports and slots, such as the PC and express cards, USB, and VGA, are stowed stylish underneath the cover of your choice.

These chic notebooks will reach the European market in October 2005 and North American and Asia in January 2006. Start accessorizing now.

By Matthew Brodsky

Friday, April 01, 2005