New Latitude Laptops from Dell

Dell is already taking orders on its new Latitude E-series business laptops. The new laptops are based on Intel’s brand new Centrino 2 technology.

Although there is nothing revolutionary about Centrino 2, it offers slightly improved performance at the same clock speeds but with a lower power draw, which translates into improved battery life.

According to Dell, some of the new latitudes may offer an impressive 18-hour battery life, provided you can carry around dual 9-cell batteries (the heavier type). In total, there are seven new Latitude models, ranging from the thin-and-light 12-inch E4200 laptop with Intel’s ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) processors, embedded DDR3 RAM memory and solid state drives, up to the 15-inch E6500 “mainstream” laptop.

The E4300, E5400, and E6400 are 13.3 and 14.1-inch laptops that can be customized with a variety of components. For example, you can get them with an LED screen and a backlit keyboard, and choose between the latest integrated Intel graphics or a discrete and more powerful Nvidia GPU.

As you can see (click on image), the design has changed dramatically from the previous D-series models with a new and allegedly more durable magnesium alloy construction and a new trackpad. Just like the previous models, however, it has a relatively low-key yet stylish design that will surely sit well with most corporate users.