New British Laptop Bags Keeps You Trendy As You Travel

Now that everybody owns a laptop, it’s important to consider how you carry it. British designer Knomo has come out with a line of laptop bags that will keep you and your sleek and/or shiny notebook looking just fabulous when you’re on the go.

Knomo’s policy is built around building bags that “people really love, rather than tolerate”. Knomo has designed a variety of bags for both men and women, and for both PC and Mac users (we hear they even have iPod cases if you’re interested). Each laptop case has a well cushioned laptop compartment complete with a shock-proof protective strip along the base and sides. There is also a tracker ID which is supposed to help return a lost bag to its owner.

With prices for men and women starting at around $200 and $260 respectively, you’ll want to use the tracker ID, too. It’s not the most expensive laptop bag we’ve seen, and it won’t get you through the airport like other bags we’ve seen, be they stylish or standard or slim, but damn, they will keep you looking good, son.