MSI Updates the Wind, It Hardly Moves Us

MSI has come out with a refresh for its Wind netbook, with more or less nothing new outside of a few cosmetic changes.

Don’t get us wrong, the MSI Wind U120 is not exactly the same as the U100. The hard drive is twice as big and there is WiMAX/HSDPA capability. You’ll also notice stylish blach accents around the edges. Nice. Other than that, a lot of the same specs. 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB RAM, 10″ 1024×600 display, an integrated webcam and a weight of about three pounds with its 6-cell battery included. The new HDD is 160GB instead of the older 80GB, and there is of course the aforementioned wireless broadband. We’re hearing a price of “significantly under $600.” That’s sort of helpful. For reference, the current U100 retails for around $400. If you always wanted a netbook the Wind U100 was a fine choice before and the U120, if it’s around the same price, should be a fine choice now. It should hit the shelves just in time for late minute holiday shopping in mid-December. Via wired. ยด