MSI Introduces Ultra-Portable Wind ‘Love Edition’

MSI has started a global charity program to help poor children learn essential computing skills.

MSI has introduced a special edition line of their ultra-portable notebook, the Wind, that will be used to help poor children in several different countries.

The special edition Wind is dubbed the ‘Love’ edition, and comes in white only, and features a series of gray and tan/yellow hearts.

The donations from this charity drive will go to help poverty-stricken children in China, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Korea, Ukraine, and Taiwan.

Unfortunately, it is not clear if individuals purchase a laptop that will get sent overseas, or if the consumer gets the laptop and the proceeds go to the charity.

Judging by the wording of the press release – that these notebooks will be used to teach children essential computer skills – it seems the purchased laptop will be sent to one of the countries listed above.

Written by Blair Mathis on Wednesday, August 6, 2008