MSI Announces Colorful New VR220 YA Notebook

Posted by Daniel Shain

Available in such stylish colors as “Denim Blue” and “Wasabi Green,” the MSI VR220 YA edition notebook is sure to turn some heads.

The 12.1″ VR220 isn’t entirely lacking on the inside, either. It will come with Intel Pentium Dual-core processors as well as MSI’s exclusive ECO Engine Power Management System, which has 5 preset power modes (gaming, movie, presentation, office, or turbo battery) and should help save a few minutes of battery life. There will also be an optional TV Tuner for watching tv on the laptop’s Amazing Crystal Vision widescreen display (yes, amazing is in caps). Director of Sales for MSI in the US Andy Tung was quoted in a press release as saying, “Notebooks have become as much a fashion accessory as they are a computer… the VR220 gives consumers the option to own a notebook that offers great performance without sacrificing aesthetics.” To that tune, in addition to the Denim Blue and Wasabi Green, MSI will also be offering Coral Pink and Empire Black. Quite stylish with the names there, MSI. It should also be noted that the VR220 comes in a clean magnesium alloy case, weighs less than 4lbs, and rocks the standard 802.11b/g/n, card reader, and integrated webcam. Other specs include a max of 2GB RAM, a 250GB HDD, and a 1280×800 WXGA resolution. Though you can’t see it on the website just yet, you should be able to get one of these for $699 sometime soon. msimobile