More Trouble For New MacBooks – Now It’s RAM, GPU

We’ve already reported the problems with the new trackpad that have been worked on, and the issue with running your MacBook on purely AC power. And most people have shrugged their shoulders and gotten used to the lack of a FireWire 400 port and the over-the-top glossiness of the screen. But now there’s problems with maxing out your RAM and the new GPU? It seems Apple may have grabbed a little more spotlight than even Steve Jobs ever wanted lately.

Ok, maybe that’s a little unfair – the computer still works fine for most people most of the time. But a number of MacBooks have been reported as crashing when users upgraded their RAM to 4GB. Apple hasn’t made a statement about this, but on their popular forums an Apple engineer has said they are aware of the problem and will be patching it as soon as possible. For now, according to tests by jkOnTheRun, you can only solve the problem by going back to 2GB/3GB. We’ve also heard reports that the nVidia 9600M GPU used in MBs has “bad bumps,” which was an issue with previous nVidia GPUs, and leads to “black screens of death” and other video problems. nVidia maintains that their bumps are in fine shape, but Apple is said to be investigating the problem. Via engadget and appleinsider ยด