Miniature SSDs Now Available

Super Talent Technology has announced two solid-state drives which are significantly smaller than regular hard drives.

These new SSDs have a form factor of merely .85″ or 1″, which is just a little under or a little over half the size of the smallest HDD available, which is 1.8″.

The new drives make use of the older parallel ATA interface rather than the more modern SATA interface used in regular SSDs. The drives offer somewhat slower read and write speeds of 40MBp/s and 30MBp/s, respectively, as a result. Super Talent’s miniscule SSDs are also only available in rather miniscule sizes, with the .85″ supporting 2GB and 4GB, and the larger 1″ reaching both those sizes and 8GB as well.

The cost is uncertain as of yet. Due to both their form factor and their storage capacity being so small, it is likely these will only be seen in ultramobile PCs and other small multimedia divices.