MacBook Air Possibly To Get Lighter, More Expensive, Via Carbon Fiber

Posted ago by Daniel Shain by Daniel Shain

The MacBook Air may be thinnest but it isn’t the lightest notebook out there anymore, and its no surprise Apple is looking at ways to claim that title back.

At a little over three pounds, the MacBook Air is light, but not the lightest. There is a rumor that Apple is planning to construct the bottom of the MBA out of the more expensive carbon fiber instead of aluminum to shave a few critical grams. A preproduction MacBook Air was sighted looking exactly the same as a current model, except that the bottom was the black color which is natural to carbon fiber. The new bottom shaved 100 grams off the MBA’s total weight, bringing the scales down to a mere 2.78lbs without cutting out any space or features. This is strictly a rumor at this point, but it’s clear that Apple is giving this serious thought if they’re making working prototypes. Via gizmodo via appleinsider