Businessman’s Riddle: The Dell D620

Which notebook weighs in at under 5 pounds, has the latest and fastest Verizon wireless broadband hookup, and a dual-core processor to boot? Business guys, you should know the answer to this one – The Dell Latitude D620 laptop. This Dell’s dual-core processor is a 1.83 GHz Intel T2400 with 1GB of RAM. Additionally, this business notebook comes with 80 GB of hard drive storage space and a Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 graphics card to power any especially visual business presentations.

And speaking of visuals, a good bit of those 5 pounds is made up of a widescreen 14.1-inch display. The Latitude D620 supercedes the D610, and should make your corporate IT folks slap-happy with its security capabilities. Indeed, this notebook features both a fingerprint reader and a Smart Card reader that limits access to your secure data.

To run all of this nifty security gadgetry, the D620 notebook comes with Wave Systems Embassy Trust Suite, which also handles password protections and e-mail security. And for the business traveler who treats his laptop like his body-i.e., not like a temple-this laptop does a pretty good job of protecting itself against whatever mess you can throw at it. It’s probably not in the durabook, toughbook class, but it does have a rugged outside shell made of magnesium alloy. The hard drive is shock mounted for knocks and drops. And the keyboard is resistant to retched airplane coffee, rum and cokes, and anything else spilled on it.

The Dell Latitude D620 is also perfect for wireless functionality thanks to both its Wi-Fi radio and its broadband Novatel Wireless modem card, for use with either EV-DO or HSDPA.

In short the new Dell Latitude D620, is a “Road Ready” portable business class notebook, with airtight security features, excellent wireless connectivity, and a high performance dual core processor. Expect Dell to shift many units of this PC puppy in 2006.

By Matthew Brodsky – Laptopical

Monday, April 03, 2006