Finally, Relief from Laptopitis of the Neck – Lapvantage

Your notebook is behind all of those back pains, neck aches, and shoulder tweaks you feel after a long week of work on the road. Yup, we’ve talked about this topic before-how laptops are not designed ergonomically. But now we actually have a solution to the problem. It’s called Lapvantage.

This device allows you to hook up an external keyboard to your notebook at about 3 inches underneath the computer. That’s the perfect distance, ergonomically speaking, so you can keep you back and neck at the correct angles while you work. And that means no more back pains, neck aches, and shoulder tweaks.

Lapvantage works in a couple basic ways (so basic you wonder why people didn’t think of it sooner!). First, it lifts your laptop to your eye level. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-the bigwigs of the American public health scene-recommend this feature in a laptop. Plus, the stand can swivel all the way around, and can be adjusted vertically so there’s no body it can’t fit.

What’s more, the Lapvantage can help to prevent notebook heat-up. The device’s silicone feet help to cool down your laptop. And believe it or not, it can also prolong the life of your computer. It makes sense, considering that using an external keyboard and mouse will reduce the wear and tear on your precious laptop’s own interfaces.

The thing looks good, too, with a choice of stainless steel aluminum for its support arm, and its crystal-clear, buffed acrylic platform. And if you have a fear of cords tangling around you like octopus tendrils, never fear. The Lapvantage comes with cord clips that can get a grip on loose cords from the keyboard and mouse.

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By Matt Brodsky

Friday, November 11, 2005