Cheap Dell Anyone? – The Inspiron 2200

If you have trouble tracking down a cheap laptop to match your needs and budget, call off the hunt. Click over to the Dell Web site. There you’ll find the Inspiron 2200, which is cost-effective and configurable. You can choose its components to suit your tastes – anything from the processor and hard drive to the battery and productivity software. 

The Inspiron 2200 can be left as is, too. Dell offers a standard package that is adequate for the average user. The processor, a 1.4GHz Intel Celeron M 360, powers the laptop with the same performance as a 2GHz Mobile Celeron. What’s more, the M stands (unofficially) for maximize, which is what it does to the notebook’s battery life.



Dell rounds out the processor’s performance with a 30GB hard drive and 256MB DDR SDRAM, both of which suit your average instant messager and Web shopper. Don’t expect to start your own graphics design company with the standard Inspiron 2200, though.

For peripherals, Dell offers a standard DVD-ROM, integrated stereo speakers, and a 14.1 flat panel display with XGA resolution. To connect to the outside world, the laptop is equipped with 3 USB ports and 10/100 Ethernet.

As is, the base Inspiron 2200 may not please the picky gamer (it only has a Intel Extreme 3D Graphics 2 card), performance hunters, or high-powered professionals. Then again, that’s why Dell makes it configurable.