Keycarbon’s Raptor – Hardware Key Logger

BitForensics have unleashed upon the world the first laptop hardware key logger. It is called the KeyCarbon Raptor, a ferocious name for a mean little device capable of recording each and every keystroke on the laptop keyboard. The device attaches to a notebook through the Mini-PCI slot and monitors keystrokes “passively,” meaning it cannot be detected by software or the operating system, It also does not require a driver to run it.

The hardware is capable of reading all keystrokes on the keyboard, including the BIOS passwords you type in to get into your operating system. The only qualifier is the laptop must be powered on for the Raptor to work.

It’s compatible with all operating systems, including Vista and Linux-based OSs. Choose from three sizes, with memory storage from 16MB to 128MNB, all with 128-bit encryption and date/time stamping support.

As you might expect, the initial demand for such a snooping device came from law enforcement and government agencies, who appreciated the Raptor’s ability to stay hidden from a laptop’s detection software. They also liked the fact that, because of its encryption, the device’s recordings are admissible in court as evidence. The KeyCarbon is also quite easy to use, even for a cop. Just plug the device in.

Besides the spy factor of the device, BitForensics touts the Raptor’s use in security, such as a way to back-up data in case a laptop gets stolen or shuts down on its own accord. It can also be used to eliminate fraud, identifying the keystrokes of the real user with a notebook thief or pretender. Companies such as banks, stock trading firms, accountants, and other high security operations could also use the device to create an audit trail, for proof of regulatory compliance and such. Also what is important is to do a Full disk encryption ones in a while.

Perhaps parents may also decide to use Keycarbon’s Raptor as a family key logger, to keep tabs on their kids online activity. Of course he/she could just remove the Raptor from the Mini-PCI slot, but how many with Myspace profiles are that tech savvy? 🙂 More about this hardware key logger at –

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By Henrik Stigell – Laptopical

Thursday, March 29, 2007