PowerPizza Laptop Case

Recently overheard at a notebook wholesale outlet near you: “Extra pepperoni, and scratch the anchovies, please..” No, the techies in the back aren’t phoning in their daily order at Corsino’s around the corner. Presenting…..The 14-inch PowerPizza! A perfect “disguise” for your high-end, state-of-the-art laptop – that beautiful, gleaming, slick machine that houses all your biggest business deals and your most carefully constructed programming.

You’ll never worry again about where you park your notebook with the “anti-theft, anti-shock, anti-style” laptop case like the world has never seen before – this notebook disguise will fool light fingered laptop thieves into thinking you’re simply carrying out a large pizza (the corrugated “pizza box” will fit 14- and 15-inch screens with ease).

It’s even priced the same as a pizza – for a mere 12.99 pounds, and you can hold the case, fully lined with 10mm of protective foam, at virtually any angle without betraying a glimpse of your true possession.

Yep, you can bet one thing for sure: Your potential laptop bandits will only wonder why they don’t smell the singularly scintillating aroma of Canadian bacon atop a pile of melting mozzarella and, of course, that “special sauce.” At best. you’ll leave them hungry and scratching their heads.

There’s even a semi-“hidden” room for your extra, essential accessories. Store your mouse, power supplies, or cell phone in the box, snap it closed, and you’re off!

Because each PowerPizza laptop case is handmade in London using the “real deal” – genuine, corrugated pizza boxes, for maximum authenticity – even the slickest pickpocket won’t stand a chance.

And, weighing in at only 300 grams, you’ll keep your co-workers and fellow mobile travelers marveling at your still-fit waistline. This trendy little box also comes with its own carrier bag, keeping your “secret package” completely protected from the elements.

There’s only one catch.when you phone in your order, please allow 21 days (instead of minutes) for delivery, due to high demand. But don’t worry – this is one “entrĂ©e” that won’t require reheating – guaranteed.

Info about the Powerpizza laptop case – humanbeans.net/powerpizza

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By Catherine Van Herrin – Laptopical

Wednesday, October 19, 2005