Barebones Asus Notebook – Overclocker’s Delight?

Call me a monocle wearing, pimms drinking toff, but the phrase “Tailor Made” makes me think of a 3 piece black rope stripe suit straight from Savile Row, not a barebones laptop computer. But that’s exactly the term Asus has chosen to pin on their new C90 upgradeable gaming notebook, the C90. This 15.4 inch (WSXGA+ (1680 x 1050) widescreen) machine is powered by a desktop Core 2 Extreme X6800 CPU. 

Thanks to cutting edge “Turbo Gear” tech, the processor can be overclocked to a blazing speed of 2.93 GHz. Asus’s fan control, and thermal module tech helps keep everything cool when you are pushing performance to the limit. The Asus C90’s chassis has been crafted to provide easy swapping of key components like the CPU, graphics card, RAM, hard disk and optical drive. Bonus features include a 2.0 mega-pixel rotating CMOS camera with face tracking function, built-in TV tuner and fingerprint scanner.

When it hits shelves this summer, the C90 will likely be a popular buy with laptop gamers looking for hardware flexibility and performance. However, if I was Asus I’d make a bigger version of this barebones notebook, imagine the hardware you could cram in a 17, or 19 incher!

By Todd Gold – Laptopical

Monday, June 25, 2007